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GravityWise Tutorial – Ticket Creation Form

Step 1. Navigate to the Forms page, click Add New.

Step 2. Give your form a Title and a Description.

Step 3. Add a ConnectWise Dropdown field and a Paragraph Text field. Label them Board and Description.

Step 4. Click on your ConnectWise dropdown and then navigate to ConnectWise Settings. Select Board as your Component type. (Board is not available in the free version of the plugin)

Next, click on the Exposed Fields dropdown and add Id and Name to the list of exposed fields. You may optionally choose to expose more information if you choose. If a field is exposed, a user will be able to access the information even if you use a template. Only expose fields that you do not deem sensitive. If you don’t choose any fields, all fields will be exposed.

Step 5. Click Show Advanced Options. Check the Conditions box, and set the inactiveFlag to false. Check the Sorting checkbox, and sort by name A->Z. Check the Result Template box, and type {name} This will filter out inactive Boards, sort alphabetically, and expose the id field without having to display it in the dropdown

Step 6. After completing all the above steps, click the Save Form button to save the form.

Step 7. Next, navigate to the GravityWise Add-On settings.

Step 8. Click Add New to create a new feed.

Step 9. At the top of the page, give your feed a name. At the bottom, select Ticket as the component, and click Add. This will add an action that creates a ticket. (Ticket is not available in the free version of the plugin)

Step 10. In the feed viewer, click the Create Ticket node. This will open the Action editor window.

Step 11. Click on the merge tag button next to the required field Summary, select Description as the merge tag to use.

Step 12. Use the Fields dropdown to select the Board field, then click Add. This will create an object field in the ticket. Expand the Board to view possible options to select a board. You may use either the ID or the name to select a board. We will use the ID here.

Step 13. Close out of the Action editor and save your current feed. Preview the form we just created and submit an entry. The ConnectWise field will automatically be populated by your ConnectWise installation. Not all boards are allowed to have tickets created on them. If the board is inactive or is of a certain type it will not allow a ticket to be created. This can be handled by adding conditions in the advanced ConnectWise field settings as we did in Step 5.

Step 14. After submitting a form entry, navigate to the GravityWise Feed History page.

Step 15. The GravityWise Feed History displays all entries and their status. You should have a successful form Entry.

–For more information on the history page, check out the Feed History Overview.
–For more information on errors from ConnectWise, check out the Troubleshooting Responses from ConnectWise page.