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GravityWise Feed History Overview

The Feed History page will display all feed entry attempts and their most recent Status.
You can refresh the list, filter by the different statuses, or click the eye icon to see the Entry details.

Expanding the details will allow you to see the data that was sent to ConnectWise, the response that was received back, and different actions you can take with the entry.

If the entry was successful, the Response will contain information about the newly created object in ConnectWise.
If the entry failed, the Response will contain helpful information about how to fix the errors.

You can modify the submitted values and retry the feed entry with the following buttons:

Save – Saves the modified Submitted Values
Save and Retry – Saves the modified Submitted Values, and Retries the feed entry
Retry – Retries the feed entry
Rebuild and Retry – Rebuilds the data sent to ConnectWise and Retries the feed entry. Use this if you made changes to the form itself
Dismiss – Dismisses the current Step. This step will no longer be sent to ConnectWise on future retries